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About MPT Alliance

Welcome to MPT Alliance.

The MPTA is an advocacy company that was established by physical therapists that are passionate about the physical therapy profession, manual therapy, continuing education and private practice.  The MPTA was created in response to acupuncturists attempting to restrict the scope of practice of physical therapists in Arizona.  In 2014, the MPTA was instrumental in working with the Arizona Physical Therapy Board and State Association in passing legislation that successfully protected the rights of physical therapists to practice Dry Needling in Arizona.  Currently, the MPTA promotes continuing education opportunities to therapists and participates in advocacy activities within the profession.  The founders teach independently outside of the MPTA, support international non-profits, and have a passion to see the physical therapy profession take a strategic role in fixing our current healthcare environment.

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MPT Alliance

1377 E. Florence Blvd. Ste. 151-L5

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"Science is the belief in the ignorance ...Read more

"Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts." Just sharing because that made me laugh....