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16-12-15 Dr. Sean Flannagan 0 comment

(This link will take you directly to the NCPTA fundraising page.)

Donate to help the NCPTA defend dry needling and PT scope of practice.

Donations go directly to NCPTA.

The North Carolina Physical Therapy Association (NCPTA) is defending the scope of practice of physical therapists and needs your help to be successful.  In response to the North Carolina Acupuncture Licensing Board (NCALB) filing a lawsuit against the North Carolina Board of Physical Therapy Examiners the NCPTA had to take action.    (See the NCALB Complaint here.)

On October 7th, the NCPTA’s lawyers filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of NCPTA members and their patients.

The lawsuit quotes public records that show NC Acupuncture Board members using their government positions to stamp out dry needling–that is, to crush competition from physical therapists.  To see the lawsuit click here.  The lawsuit asks the federal courts to hold the Acupuncture Board and its members accountable.

Click here to read NCPTA’s fundraising letter.

What we learned in Arizona is that although there were only 500 acupuncturist in AZ and over 6000 physical therapy professionals, the cry and grassroots involvement of the acupuncture community was far more effective and focused than that of the PT community.

Acupuncturist use misinformation, fear mongering and emotional pleas around education and safety to influence legislators, the public and media.  Most of their misinformation is false and not based on the the historical evidence or the current literature.  Check out our Dry Needling Resource Page to learn more about the AZ legislative battle.

Think we are joking, see what the acupuncturists have raised ($7,010.00) in just 7 days (as of Oct. 16th) with their fundraiser to fight this lawsuit in North Carolina:


It’s imperative that as a profession, physical therapist across the nation rally to the meet the call to defend our scope of practice through financial support, legislative advocacy and grass root efforts.

We would encourage you to donate now as well as promote this opportunity to your colleagues on social media and within your professional networks.  Feel free to use our downloadable dry needling resources for your own personal use.

When one state wins, we all win.