Mission & Vision

MPTA Mission:

The mission of the MPTA is to promote the diversity of the physical therapy profession while elevating the practice of orthopaedic manual therapy.  We do this by delivering high quality professional education experiences designed to instill clinical excellence, sound business practice, and insightful mentorship to today’s physical therapy practitioner.

MPTA Vision:

The vision of the MPTA is to influence and develop clinicians capable of elevating the physical therapy profession’s position in today’s modern healthcare market as the first and best choice when it comes to the identification, management, and prevention of neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction, movement impairments, and wellness deficiencies.

Why "Integrative" Orthopaedic Manual Therapy

The MPTA Definition of Integrative:  

“The combination of multiple areas of expertise into a single provider.”

The goal of the MPTA is to develop clinicians that are able to integrate all three pillars of evidence-informed practice in order to serve their patients along the entire continuum of care.   Within the physical therapy profession, there is a need to move beyond the “passive interventionist” model, which is provider and technique driven.  The MPTA advocates the molding of expert clinicians that use sound clinical reasoning to inform the use of appropriate therapeutic intervention for optimal patient outcomes.  This stewardship of care allows for expert clinical intervention that compliments a developing patient independence to give them the movement tools and strategies necessary for future management.

The MPTA supports the INTEGRATION of the following ideologies within the framework of developmental course offerings:

  • “Test/Treat/Retest/Adapt” Model of Intervention informed by sound critical thinking and clinical assessment.
  • Emerging Pain Science and Patient Independence Education
  • Prescriptive Therapeutic Exercise and Graded Exposure Training
  • Wellness Enhancement
  • Manual Therapy
  • Integrative Spinal Manipulative Therapy
  • Dynamic Integrative Needling
  • Therapeutic Alliance and Best Business Practice