Dry Needling Resources

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Dry Needling Resources
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In 2011, the Dry Needling (DN) vs. Acupuncture Battle emerged in Arizona.

In 2011, Dr. Sean Flannagan, along with 3 other PTs were accused practicing acupuncture by the Arizona Society of Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture.  This initial complaint was dismissed by the Arizona State Board of Physical Therapy, however what ensued was a three year battle that resulted in the passage of SB 1154 in the 2014 legislative session that was signed into law by the AZ Governor.

SB 1154 guaranteed that physical therapist would be able to continue to practice DN, as well as protected the rights of the citizens of Arizona to choose their provider of choice for the highly effective, affordable healthcare modality dry needling.

In conjunction with the AzPTA, the MPTA was directly involved with the legislative process and lobbying efforts.  Through that process we produced a number of resources used during legislative meetings and to educate the public and media about DN.

Since that time the MPTA has consulted with various other states with their ongoing challenges in regards to DN by physical therapists.  We want to make them easily available to anyone that is willing to protect and promote physical therapy.

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If you have any dry needling resources that you think would be beneficial to other professionals in any way, please contact us and we will post them here for others to use.