IMT-S: Integrative Manual Therapy Study Group

FREE Integrative Manipulation Therapy Sessions

Since 2010, the founders of the MPTA have been holding free manipulation and manual therapy skill study sessions in the Phoenix area.

These sessions are open to any licensed physical therapist or physician.  They are designed to be very focused and are usually only 2-4 hours in length so that you can enjoy your weekend and family.

Physical therapy students are allowed to attend; however, it is suggested students have had an introductory spine course, or attend with a licensed mentor, peer, or CI.  Students without an educational background in spinal evaluation and treatment are encouraged to contact us ahead of time if you are unable to attend with a mentor, peer, or CI.

These sessions are geared at learning, developing, and refining the psychomotor skills needed to become an expert in spinal manipulation.

There are always a few fellows and/or fellows in training from differing teaching institutions attending these sessions, so the amount of experience and knowledge in the room is vast and a very collaborative.  This creates a unique and rich learning environment for veterans and the inexperienced alike.

Note:  These sessions are NOT designed or intended to review current literature or to teach indications/contraindications.  Participants are expected to have already formally learned this information prior to attending these sessions.  Many great conversations around these topics occur during the sessions; however, the sessions are designed to focus on the psychomotor skills needed to be a successful thrust manipulator.

At this point, these sessions are free with the only requirement that you are teachable and that you actively engage with others in the class.  Please forward this to your friends and colleagues that would benefit from these sessions.

PREREQUISITES: Licensed PT, MD, DO or NMD or a student enrolled in a PT, MD, DO or NMD program. Please bring proof of licensure or enrollment to class.

For upcoming Phoenix & Flagstaff AZ sessions please click here.

We are always looking for and open to hosting these sessions in new locations and venues.  If you would like to host a study session, please contact us at