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Certification in Dynamic Integrative Needling (Cert. DIN) &
Diploma in Dynamic Integrative Needling (Dip. DIN)

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Created and developed by Jonathan Hobbs, MSc, MCSP, FHEA, AACP Chairman (UK).  

Mr. Jonathan Hobbs is internationally recognized as an expert in needling interventions, having lectured and taught courses throughout the United Kingdom (UK), Europe, the Middle East, and most recently in the United States.  Mr. Hobbs and the MPTA are pleased to offer an educational system for the US healthcare professional who wishes to incorporate dry needling into their practice.

Mr. Hobbs graduated in 1999 from Keele University with a first class BSc in physiotherapy, after which he began his formal needling training in 2000. In 2003 Jon became an advanced member of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP) and in 2004 was awarded a post-graduate MSc in acupuncture from Coventry University.

Mr. Hobbs has since worked in a variety of professional roles within the National Health Service (NHS), the private sector, and professional sports.  Jon is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, an accredited AACP tutor, and the Chairman of the AACP. He delivers foundational coursework and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) in both the private sector and the NHS.

Mr. Hobbs has previously been an MSc award leader at Staffordshire University, is the external assessor for Glyndwr University’s acupuncture BSc, and also acts as consultant and sessional lecturer to a number of universities throughout the UK. He now divides his time between the clinical practice of physiotherapy and the instructional education of dry needling/acupuncture (UK).

Mr. Hobbs is a consultant to physiotherapists for Team Great Britain, the English Football Association, and Premiership Football Clubs.

DIN-1:  Foundations of Integrative Needling Systems is part of the ABPTRFE accredited A.T. Still University Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency Program,  in Mesa, AZ.

The Hobbs Masters Needling Series is designed for both novice and experienced healthcare professionals that desire to have a better understanding of a comprehensive therapeutic needling system, as well as the development of a complementary clinical reasoning mindset to better serve their patients.

To earn a professional”Certification in Dynamic Integrative Needling”, with the privilege to use the credential Cert. DIN” requires the completion of the following two courses:

  1. DIN-1:  Foundations of the Dynamic Integrative Needling System (DINS)
  2. DIN-2:  Electrical & Perineural Approaches

Those that desire to specialize and/or expand their understanding and knowledge of advanced needling approaches may choose to earn a professional “Diploma in Dynamic Integrative Needling”, with the privilege to use the credential Dip. DIN”.  In order to earn the credential Dip. DIN, a professional holding a Cert. DIN credential would need to successfully complete two DIN-3 level courses, as well as, complete DIN-4.  Practitioners who have previous needling experience can earn a Dip. DIN by successfully completing, DIN-2, three DIN-3 level courses, as well as, complete DIN-4.

  1. Level 3 DIN-3 Courses:
    1. DIN-3a:  Craniofacial, Headaches & F.A.C.E. Approaches
    2. DIN-3b:  Sports Needling for Acute Injuries, Recovery, and Sports Performance
    3. DIN-3c:  Women’s Health & Pelvic Needling Approaches
  2. DIN-4:  Advanced Clinical Patient Management Using the DINS

Practitioners new to needling therapies will need to complete DIN-1 before taking any other courses in the series.  Note DIN-2, 3, and 4 do not need to be completed in a specific order, however, it is suggested you’ve taken at least one level 1, 2 or 3 course prior to attending DIN-4.

Experienced needling professionals providing evidence of prior education (e.g. certificate of completion) will be eligible to take DIN-2, 3, or 4 after completing an online educational module to facilitate learning and familiarity of common language utilized throughout the DINS series.

The Manual Physical Therapy Alliance is the only approved provider of Jon Hobbs’ Masters Needling Series in North America.

Current U.S. accredited instructors/tutors are:

“Over the course of my career, I’ve taken needling courses from 6 different organizations in the United States and the UK.  All had tremendous value yet a few seemed intrenched in the mindset that their way was the only way.  This can create division within professions and doesn’t allow for the expansion of one’s knowledge, skill, and clinical reasoning beyond a single perspective of training.  

Jon Hobbs is the first instructor that I’ve met who provided a comprehensive approach to needling that promotes diversity of thought and reason.  Jon’s model appreciates the patient’s presentation (i.e. level of irritability) and physiological response to needling that helps to identify the ‘strong responder’ who may need a more subtle approach for optimal outcomes.  Jon challenges his students to think critically, encouraging a flexible treatment model that is patient friendly which has helped to improve my outcomes significantly.

The MPTA is privileged to offer the Jonathan Hobbs’ Masters Series courses in the US and we invite both the novice and the expert to join us on the journey of learning.”  ~ Dr. Sean Flannagan