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DIN-1: Foundations of Dynamic Integrative Needling Systems (DINS)

DIN-1 is part of the A.T.S.U. Arizona School of Health Sciences Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency Program

The Hobbs Masters Needling Series begins with a 27-hour foundational education course tailored for clinicians new to dry needling. Though essential for beginners, experienced practitioners will find the material informative and refreshing, helping to focus and simplify their practice while improving patient outcomes.

This 3-day course is supplemented with online modules carefully developed to maximize delivery of live, 90% hands-on instruction. Practitioners will learn clinically reasoned, evidence-informed approaches of all major regions of the body, including the spine and both upper and lower quarters, for a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders. This will provide the busy clinician the requisite instruction necessary to treat the most common conditions encountered in daily clinical practice without the need to take multiple courses.

For a broader foundational understanding, participants will be instructed not only in needling superficially and deep within muscles (i.e., trigger point dry needling) but will also learn proper periosteal and connective tissue needling techniques for many conditions. Additionally, participants will learn how to integrate peripheral, spinal segmental and central needling approaches within a clinical reasoning framework.

This course will focus on the therapeutic effects of manual dry needle manipulation, with emphasis placed on safe needle handling, relevant anatomical considerations for each region, and appropriate selection of sites to needle on the body. Clinicians will also gain skill in appropriate dosing of dry needling to allow for optimal effectiveness and maximal patient comfort. Through the lens of modern pain science, clinicians will be educated on the potent anti-nociceptive effects that dry needling can offer to patients with painful musculoskeletal disorders.

DIN-1 is part of the ABPTRFE accredited A.T. Still Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency Program, in Mesa, AZ.

DIN-1 Foundations Online Content 

  • Introduction to Dynamic Integrative Needling System (DINS).
  • Safety and Contraindications for Dry Needling Practice.
  • Needling Handling & Insertion Techniques
  • Clinical Reasoning and Evidence for Dry Needling.
  • Therapeutic Effects of Manual Dry Needle Manipulation.
  • Dosage Parameters within the DINS.

DIN-1 In-Class Live Content

  • Safety and contraindications review.
  • Safe needling procedures and handling concepts.
  • Anatomical reviews of each region prior to needling.
  • Dry needling evidence review.


  • Dry needling techniques for spinal and extremity disorders.
  • Using dry needling for examination of soft tissue dysfunction.
  • Local, segmental, and non-local needling approaches.
  • Selecting sites for needle insertion including:
    • Trigger points/muscle tissue
    • Fascia/connective tissues
    • Periosteal needling
    • Locations for strong central effects
  • Spinal and extremity case presentations.
    • Includes Written/Practical/Oral Testing with a minimum pass standard of 75%.
Post-Class Requirement:
  • Reflective Journal Assignment:  Two 1500 word reflective journals to be submitted within 6 weeks post live class.  (The minimum pass standard is 40%.)

A 100+ page manual is provided with all lectures and detailed needling intervention descriptions to participants in the course.

This course is part of The Hobbs Masters Needling Series and is a prerequisite to receiving the Certification in Dynamic Integrative Needling (Cert. DIN).  Click here for more information.

This course is currently being evaluated by the FSBPT, ProCert program for continuing education credits. We've applied for 29.5 contact hours. NOTE: We will give a full refund if it is not approved. That being said please understand Dr. Sean is a ProCert reviewer and understands the process and requirements to be approved. We are confident in our analysis and future accreditation.


By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  1. Correctly identify 10 contraindications and 10 precautions to the use of dry needling.
  2. Demonstrate safe DINS handling techniques and patient positioning for 5 axial spine techniques.
  3. Demonstrate safe DINS handling techniques and patient positioning for 5 extremity techniques.
  4. Correctly describe the appropriate management of 5 adverse events that may occur in association with DINS.
  5. Orally explain the current theoretical neurophysiological mechanisms of DINS from the periphery to the cortex.
  6. Appropriately defend the integration of DINS into the management of a given patient with a neuromusculoskeletal condition.

Course Developer/Owner:  

  • Jonathan Hobbs, MSc, MCSP, FHEA, AACP Chairman (UK)

Accredited Course Instructors:  

  • Dr. Sean Flannagan, PT, DPT, MAACP (UK)
  • Dr. Matthew Grubb, PT, DPT, MS, FAAOMPT, MAACP (UK)
  • Dr. Rachel Grubb, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, MAACP (UK)

PREREQUISITES: Licensed PT, MD, DO or NMD or a student enrolled in a PT, MD, DO or NMD program. Please bring proof of licensure or student ID to class.

*All MD, DO and NMD students are eligible to attend. PT students must be in their 2nd or 3rd year of study or attend with a Professor, CI, or PT mentor.

*DIN-1 is a prerequisite to DIN-2 unless you have previous needling experience and training. If you have been needling for more than a year and have taken at least 24 hours of needling training you may petition to participate in DIN-2. Please email a summary of your needling experience and training for approval. Approval is based on a case-by-case basis determined by the quality of your previous needling experience. Prior needling participants will be required to take additional online coursework to facilitate learning and attainment of the common language utilized throughout the D.I.N.S. series.

Internationally, the following practitioners may attend our courses:

  • Physiotherapists / Student Physiotherapists
  • Osteopaths / Student Osteopaths
  • Sports & Remedial Massage Therapists
  • Sports Therapists / Student Sports Therapists


$1,099.00 for US Based Courses (Click here to see current discounts, offerings and to register and for Early Bird Rate!)

£825.00 for UK Based Courses (Click here to see current discounts, offerings and to register. Early Bird Rate is £75 off.)


  • Class Schedule:

    • 8 – 6 each day  
    • Registration:  7:30 – 8:00 Day #1