American MusculoSkeletal Institute (AMSI)

Vestibular Rehabilitation Specialist Certification

Course Description:

This course is a comprehensive program for therapist from different disciplines to obtain outstanding experience in vestibular pathologies. Topics covered include proficient treatment in benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, vestibular hypo-function with proper retraining, a remarkable differential that instills confidence in the practitioner to adequately treat and rule out significant pathology, evidence based presentations/education of post- concussion syndrome, assessment, and treatment. This 3-day course develops superior proficiency in state of the art diagnostics, treatment and education. This creates confidence in an orthopedic trained physical therapist and is presented in a functional ease for the neurological therapist as well. Upon completion, the therapist will receive the designation of Cert. VRS making them an industry leader in vestibular rehabilitation.


1). Upon completion of this course, participant will be able to identify components of the balance system.

2). Upon completion of the course, participant will have a basic understanding of the vestibular anatomy and physiology.

3). Participants will be able to perform an effective vestibular examination with special test, and balance testing.

4). Participant will demonstrate how to perform specific vestibular testing and how to differential appropriate treatment plans.

5). Partcipant will be able to differential BPPV and perform effective treatment strategies for correction of BPPV.

6). Partcipant will obtain effective skills to develop plans of care for the treatment of vestibular pathologies.

7). Partcipants will have a good vocabulary of treatment for a variety of vestibular pathologies upon the completion of the course.

8). Attendee will have a comprehensive review of current literature in the demographics, types of vestibular pathologies and treatments for vestibular pathologies.

9). Attendee will be proficient in evaluation for cervical dizziness and treatment.

10). Attendee will learn to identify and test concussion syndrome.

11). Attendee will be proficient in state of the art concussion treatment and home exercise program.


  • Phoenix, AZ

Class Schedule:

  • Friday
    • 12:00 noon- Introduction Speaker and Course expectations.
    • 12:30- Anatomy Review of the Vestibular System
    • 2:30- break
    • 2:45 – Differential of the Vestibular System
    • 3:45- Review of Vestibular Examination
    • 7:45- Practice of balance testing and subjective parameters
    • 8:45- Wrap and review the day with Questions and Answers.
    • 9:00- Adjourn until 8:00 am
  • Saturday-
    • 8:00-Performance of vestibular Examination
    • 9:45- Morning break
    • 10:00-Review of literature pertaining to incidence of vestibular pathology
    • 11:00 am- BPPV specific case study and literature review
    • 12:00- lunch break
    • 1:00 Differential of BPPV
    • 2:00- Treatment of BPPV
    • 4:00- review of the day and question/answer time
    • 5:00- adjourn
  • Sunday
    • 8:00- Review of different types of canaolith reposition
    • 10:00- Cervical dizziness, differential, and treatment
    • 10:15- Concussion differential
    • 12:00- noon lunch break
    • 1:00- Concussion and post-concussion management
    • 3:00- question and answers/review
    • 4:00- certification testing

Learn more about the instructor Dr. Destiny Hebert and AMSI here:

Certified for 23.25 contact hours through ProCert: